Assassin’s Creed Valhalla loads quicker on the PlayStation 5 than the Xbox Series X, which is raising eyebrows owing to the fact that the latter is technically more powerful than the former.

Under the hood, the PlayStation 5 is boasting a 10 teraflop custom RDNA 2 GPU combined with an eight-core Zen 2 CPU, as well as a custom 825GB SSD. This leads to oh-so-buttery smooth visuals and almost-instantaneous load times on even the most demanding titles. Sony itself had to consider how to “slow” the PlayStation 5 down in some areas. “As game creators, we go from trying to distract the player from how long fast travel is taking – like those Spider-Man subway rides – to being so blindingly fast that we might even have to slow that transition down,” said lead architect Mark Cerny.