As you probably know, Apple didn’t include a small hole in its AirTags so they would be easy to just attach to their keychain. Instead, the idea is to buy a special holder for them, which is a bit more tedious (and expensive).

But when the people from iFixit disassembled the device, they noticed that there was a small, small area that did not contain any components. They therefore took the opportunity to very carefully drill a small hole there so they could attach the AirTag directly to a keychain.

According to iFixit, it was not entirely easy to drill the direction and probably nothing to do yourself if you do not feel extremely confident in your drilling skills.

In addition to drilling holes in Apple’s tracking puck, iFixit also took the opportunity to compare the device with the Tile Mate and Samsung Galaxy SmartTag. AirTag turned out to be smaller than both of these devices but it was also more difficult to disassemble.

You can check out iFixit’s review via this link .

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