The Super Mario Bros Movie” has swiftly become Illumination’s most significant triumph, breaking records and reaching new heights. Last month, it was revealed that the film had grossed over $1 billion, knocking Frozen off its position as the second-highest-grossing animated film of all time.

The latest figures demonstrate that “The Super Mario Bros Movie” has earned an impressive $1.288 billion, surpassing Frozen’s earnings of $1.284 billion. It now stands just behind Frozen 2, which holds the record with $1.45 billion, a mountain that doesn’t seem impossible to climb.

The fact that a video game-based movie has become the highest-grossing animated film of all time is undeniably an incredibly impressive feat. Regardless of whether Illumination can surpass Frozen 2, it is safe to say that a sequel is almost guaranteed in due time.

Since its announcement, fans of the iconic video game franchise have eagerly anticipated the release of “The Super Mario Bros Movie.” The film promised to bring the beloved characters and captivating world of Super Mario to life on the big screen. With an all-star voice cast, including Chris Pratt as Mario, the film captured the attention of both fans and general audiences alike.

Upon its release, “The Super Mario Bros Movie” received positive reviews, praising its faithful adaptation of the source material, engaging storyline, and stunning animation. Audiences were thrilled to see their favorite characters, such as Luigi, Princess Peach, and the mischievous Bowser, brought to life in a visually spectacular manner.

The success of “The Super Mario Bros Movie” not only signifies the enduring popularity of the Super Mario franchise but also highlights the incredible growth of the animated film industry. With advancements in animation technology and storytelling techniques, animated films have become a lucrative and highly anticipated genre in the entertainment world.

As the box office numbers continue to soar, speculation about a potential sequel has already begun. While the details remain under wraps, fans are hopeful that the success of the first film will pave the way for further adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom.

“The Super Mario Bros Movie” has undoubtedly made its mark in the history of animated cinema, achieving unprecedented success and solidifying Illumination’s position as a powerhouse in the industry. Whether it ultimately surpasses Frozen 2 or not, one thing is for certain: the beloved plumber and his friends have once again captivated audiences worldwide, reminding us all of the timeless appeal of the Super Mario franchise.

Source: Nintendo Life