Battlefield 2042 was released in November and due to bugs, removed features and other nonsense, the game received a lot of criticism from all sides. At the moment, it is not even the most played Battlefield game on Steam, as it has fewer players than its predecessors Battlefield V and 1. Since the release, the developers have worked hard to refine the experience and it seems that the job will take longer than expected.

It has previously been rumored that the first season of the game would kick off in March, but now DICE has pulled the emergency brake for these plans. Instead, they aim to start the first season in early summer.

The extra time DICE will get thanks to this will be added to further refinement and add a couple of features that the developers for some strange reason have removed. Among other things, scoreboards will be added, voice chat is on the way and we will get a better overview for our multiplayer career.

Speaking of Battlefield 2042, EA has mentioned that the game performed below expectations during the last quarter of the year, which is not particularly unexpected.