In an eagerly awaited reveal, Sony and Insomniac delighted fans with a plethora of gameplay footage from the highly anticipated Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 during the PlayStation Showcase. The extensive demonstration provided a glimpse into the challenges Peter and Miles must confront and overcome in their mission to save New York City once again.

One of the exciting announcements confirmed that this time around, players will encounter Kraven the Hunter. However, Peter and Miles will not face this peril alone, as Venom will not only be a character but will also join forces with Peter, creating the formidable Black Suit. This suit enables the utilization of symbiotic powers in the heat of battle, but it appears to come at a cost for Peter…

Furthermore, it was revealed that players will have the ability to seamlessly switch between Peter and Miles. So, while Peter may be occupied in one of New York’s other boroughs (yes, the game expands beyond Manhattan now), Miles can ensure the safety and protection of Manhattan from Kraven’s minions and other villains causing havoc, such as Lizard.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is set to release exclusively for PlayStation 5 in the fall. However, Insomniac has not disclosed the exact release date yet. On the PlayStation Blog, they state, “While we can’t confirm a date today, we are on track for Fall 2023, and hope to be able to share a final release date soon.”