ROCCAT announces its new premium wireless Syn Max Air headset is available now at participating retailers in Sweden.

ROCCAT’s Syn Max Air sits atop the brand’s headset line as its new premium wireless offering, and leverages decades of award-winning audio engineering experience from Turtle Beach. The Syn Max Air delivers immersive 3D surround sound through its large 50mm Nanoclear™ speakers while the detachable flip-to-mute Truspeak™ mic ensures crystal-clear communication, and exclusive features like Superhuman Hearing® provide a competitive advantage.

The Syn Max Air combines ROCCAT’s signature style with wireless freedom, and the headset’s translucent earcups and rapid-charge RGB docking station showcase the brand’s stunning AIMO RGB lighting. PC gamers can also combine the Syn Max Air with other AIMO-enabled peripherals like ROCCAT’s Vulcan II Max and Kone XP Air to create the most beautiful RGB desktop setup.

The Syn Max Air is available at and participating retailers in Sweden for 2.899,00 SEK.

Source: Press Release