Review bombing, which involves consumers giving extremely negative reviews to films, TV series, games, and other products for reasons unrelated to the product’s quality, is not a new concept, but there is no doubt that it has increased in recent years. Recently, we have seen Resident Evil 4, HBO’s The Last of Us series, and Horizon Forbidden West’s expansion Burning Shores being targeted with review bombing on Metacritic and other websites where the public can share their thoughts and influence a product’s rating. Two of the three mentioned above have fallen victim to the same reason, while the third is also on a similar trajectory at least. However, soon it may become much harder to sabotage.

Metacritic has told Eurogamer that they are “aware of the abusive and disrespectful reviews of Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores” and that they are “currently evolving our processes and tools to introduce stricter moderation in the coming months.” While this is not the first time we have heard something similar after review bombing has made headlines, hopefully it will be the last.

Source: Gamereactor