The FPS game DOOM has been ported to a wide range of platforms since its release in 1996 and it’s not just about other gaming platforms. As computers have moved into our everyday gadgets, DOOM modders have tried to run the game on the most bizarre platforms.

Now it is even possible to play DOOM on a pregnancy test, which you can check out the clip above. It should be noted, however, that it is actually only the casing that is original in the pregnancy test that is used to play DOOM. Both the screen and other hardware in the test have been replaced with other components, the twitterer @Foone writes:

“and to clarify what I’m doing here:
This is a replacement display AND a replacement microcontroller. I’m not using any of the original tester other than the shell.”

As you can see, however, this may not be a world-class gaming experience on the 128×32 pixel screen. But it works!