Yesterday Sony threw up a post on the Playstation blog where they talked about some Playstation accessories that will be compatible on Playstation 5. Among other things, the Dualshock 4 control will be compatible with Playstation 5, but the control will only work with PS4 titles. Sony writes that the reason behind this decision is that the new Dualsense controller needs to be used to get a complete experience when playing PS5 games.

After this became known, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One control will be able to be used for Xbox Series X without any problems.

If you plan to play coop or local multiplayer on your new PS5 games, you’ll have to pay for an extra Dualsense controller.

In addition to Dualshock 4 compatibility, there is also talk of Playstation Camera, PS Move controls and Platinum and Gold headsets, these will be compatible with Playstation 5. Third-party controls such as steering wheels, arcade sticks and flight controls can also be used with PS5.