Tamagotchi is back! Combines virtual animals with a smartwatch

If you were a child in the 90’s or earlier, you probably remember the popular Tamagotchi. We are talking about small virtual pets that you constantly had to take care of so that they would not suffer a very sad pixel death. And it was a real job, because the little egg-shaped games could not […]

Roccat’s wireless PC gaming headset Syn Pro Air available in Sweden

ROCCAT has announced its all-new Syn Pro Air premium wireless PC gaming headset is now available at participating retailers in Sweden. According to ROCCAT, the Syn Pro Air is Robust and lightweight, and it also features Turtle Beach’s ProSpecs glasses-friendly cushions, which make gaming with spectacles a breeze, and its ear cushions feature plush memory […]

Turtle Beach releases flight control for Xbox Series S/X and PC

VelocityOne Flight is the name of Turtle Beach’s new control for flight simulators. It is officially licensed and has a 180 ° yoke control with a rudder control and “modular throttle quadrant”. We can also look forward to a lever handle that can be adjusted for realism regardless of whether you are flying a light […]

Digital Foundry dissects Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart

As usual when a new big game is released, the gang behind Digital Foundry has looked into all the technical details and assessed these in a Youtube video. They sum it up as “a wonderful technological showcase and a brilliant game”. Watch the video down below.

You can look forward to this at Ubisoft’s E3 event

Ubisoft has told more about what fans can expect from the company’s E3 event on June 12. The event is called Ubisoft Forward and will consist of a preview, main show and an aftershow, where we can look forward to news about some of the company’s existing games and upcoming projects. The preview starts at […]

Engadget reviews the new Polestar 2

The American tech site Engadget has had a try on Polestar 2 and shares their experiences in the video review below.

Valve is developing a Nintendo Switch-like PC

Ars Technica sources claim that the Valve project (which has gone by the code names Neptune and SteamPal) is in fact a laptop that works a bit like the Nintendo Switch, complete with hand controls on the side of the screen (though not removable) and a touch screen. Since the product is obviously still in […]

Rumor: This is what the Iphone 13 Pro looks like

The design for the iPhone 13 Pro is said to have leaked, and you can check it out via LeaksApplePro Twitter down below. He shares 3D renderings of the upcoming smartphone. Among the news is that the camera’s “bulge” has decreased, while the lenses in turn have become larger. The phone’s metal cover should protect […]

Apple on why Siri Remote does not have AirTag technology

One question that arose when Apple released its new remote control for the new Apple TV 4K was why these devices did not have any AirTag technology in them so you could find them if you lost them. Apple has now commented on this thought and the answer to it is simply that the remote […]