Roccat Syn Pro Air Review: Superb Gaming Sound

Unveiled back in May, the Roccat Syn Pro Air has finally been released to the PC gaming community. However, the ever-evolving $150 wireless PC gaming headset market is crowded with great options, so a new competitor has to stand out in order to make a difference. Does the the new flagship headset from Roccat do […]

Turtle Beach Recon 500 Review: Cheap headset expensive sound

New day, yet another gaming headset review. This time around its Turtle Beachs latest edition to their broad range of headsets, the Recon 500 that’ll go under the knife. Design and featuers Pointed squarely at the 1000 SEK and under market, I’d say that the design and finish of these Recon 500s matches the price […]

Roccat Kone Pro Review: Gaming Gone Gorgeous

My Steelseries Rival 650 is literary falling apart. Therefore, it came as a pleasant surprise that Roccat expands its series of gaming mice with the Kone Pro and Kone Pro Air. The two are similar enough that this review will cover both; more on that later. The big differences being that the Air is wireless […]

Razer Orochi v2 Review: A small success

Don’t be fooled by its small size. This tiny temptress could be for long gaming sessions. The Razer Orochi v2 is a small mouse who’s targeted at laptop gamers and its overall shape, tapered at the front and rear, lets it slip easily into any backpack pocket. It’s also the most low-profile gaming mouse the […]

Razer Kishi (iOS) Review: Smartphone Gaming As It’s Intended?

I’ll be honest. Not since QuadraPop on the Sony Ericsson p910i have I been much of a smartphone gamer. A big reason for that is how miserable controls all games have today. Have you ever wished you could play them with a firm grip and real buttons? Well, with the Razer Kishi Universal Gaming Controller, […]

It Takes Two (PS5) Review: It really takes two!

Co-op loving Josef Fares and his team at Hazelight are back with its new game It Takes Two. Like the studio’s previous game, A Way Out, It Takes Two largely splits the screen in two halves and literally requires two players to work together to navigate the world, beat baddies, and solve puzzles. Story and […]

Razer BlackWidow V3 Review: The iconic gaming keyboard is back in a new garb

In the eyes of many, Razer is the company they associate with hardcore gaming. I can definitely understand why, since Razer has niched itself by offering heavily RGB-equipped gaming gear with cool names and appealing designs. But Razer is also something of the PC world’s Apple, and if you want to buy their accessories, you […]

Razer Seiren Emote Review: Right in the feels

Have you ever wished you could stream your gaming sessions while expressing your feelings through your microphone? You haven’t? Well, at least it’s now possible. Let’s be honest here. In the world of streaming, the game itself is only half the show. You also need good sound if you want to stand out, but even […]

Immortals Fenyx Rising (PS5) Review: Kid Icarus: Breath of the Wild

I’ve spent some time with God & Monsters during the holidays – sorry, I mean Immortals Fenyx Rising of course – Ubisoft had to change the title because Monster Energy reportedly objected to it. And let me tell you right away, It feels like Ubisoft has something big going on here. Immortals Fenyx Rising is developed by […]